15 Brilliant Ikea Flisat Sensory Table Hacks (2023)

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One of our absolute playroom favorites, the Ikea Flisat table is a versatile and fun storage, art and crafts, and, best of all, sensory, table!

We’ve had a lot of fun experimenting with how to incorporate the Flisat into our daily play and, together with our toddlers, have discovered some awesome Flisat hacks. We wanted to share our guide to the best Ikea Flisat Table hacks that we have used to enhance learning and play.

Flisat Table Hacks
Having fun with the Ikea Flisat table

15 Best Ikea Flisat Table Hacks

With two young kids (currently aged 2 and 4) we’ve had a Flisat table in our playroom for a couple of years. It still gets incorporated into our play almost daily. These are our best Ikea Flisat Table hacks!

Flisat Table Hacks
Our Flisat in action!

Buying a Flisat

The Flisat is available in Ikea stores although, at the moment, it can be difficult to find stock. While it does tend to be more expensive, you can find the Flisat for sale on Amazon. It’s a great option if you can’t make it to a store or it’s out of stock – check prices now!

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Flisat Table Hacks
The multi purpose Flisat is an awesome playroom investment (see below for how we transformed it into a light table!)

Flisat Table Hacks

The Flisat can easily be used as an arts and craft desk and, if you have trays, for toy or stationary storage. Our other favorite uses of the Flisat include:

1 | Transform the Flisat into a sensory table

With sensory tables now hugely popular in playrooms, the Flisat quickly became Ikea’s sensory table hit – in fact, its ability to be used in sensory play is one of the reasons the Flisat became such a sought-after playroom addition. The desk and storage aspects are great for sure but it is the ability to transform the Flisat into a sensory table that makes it stand out.

Sensory play is a fantastic tool to encourage kids to explore, engage and create and lends itself to many themes.  

With the addition of some Ikea Trofast trays the Flisat can then be used for sensory bins as a set up for sensory play. We have two 42 x 30 x 10 cm bins and four 20 x 30 x 10cm bins which we switch out depending on the type of sensory play.

Flisat Table Hacks
Dinosaur sensory bin fun with our Flisat!

By mixing up the bin sizes and depth it is easy to create a range of sensory play activities which will encourage interaction, learning and exploration.

Flisat Table Hacks
Weather sensory bin fun!
Birthday Sensory Bin Ideas
One of our favorites: our birthday sensory bins

Another bonus of the Flisat is that it can be set up so one or two kids can use it at the same time.

Flisat Table Hacks
The Flisat works great for one or two kids

Flisat table hacks tip: our kids are 2 and 4 so we often set up age appropirate sensory play activities using slightly different bin set ups on each side of the table. It is also easy to construct two sets of age appropriate sensory bins so they can each engage in a separate activity.

Items needed:

  • Ikea Trofast Storage Trays: $2 to $4 + tax depending on size and depth – check prices now!
  • Play sets: you can check out our dinosaur sensory bin essentials and our rain sensory bins in the articles linked. For our construction set up below, any basic truck set like this one will work, just make sure it can get wet and muddy! We also love road tape like this as we can build roads for the kids anywhere. We use it all the time and it works great.
Flisat Table Hacks
Play sand and construction sensory set up

2 | Turn your Flisat into a light table

Light tables are a fantastic visual sensory tool and can be used to illustrate and explore a vast range of learning concepts. They are also expensive! One of our favorite Flisat hacks is that it can double up as a light table with the addition of some LED lights in the Trofast bin and a Trofast lid to create the light box effect. It works great with magnetic tiles and rainbow blocks.

For a full guide on how to convert the Flisat into a light table check out our Flisat DIY Light table hack. 

Flisat Table Hacks
Our DIY light table in action!

Items needed

  • Ikea Trofast bins and lids : $1 to $4 + tax depending on tray and lid size. 
  • Frosted lid: an acrylic frosted lid is a great alternative to the Trofast bin lid (and lots prefer this as it doesn’t have the hole in the middle like the Trofast lids!). They are available on Etsy or you can have a piece cut to size in a homeware store – check prices on Etsy!
  • Light Table Accessories: there are so many awesome light table accessories which our kids love. Their favorite accessory is magnetic tiles (we have a Magna-Tiles set and a Picasso Tiles set which they adore). These rainbox blocks are a close second and get hours and hours of play on and off the light table. I also love the learning opportunities this tranluscent alphabet set offers and these paddles great for exploring color mixing.

Lights: There are two main options for the lights. Note that adult supervision is required for both of these options as there are batteries required.

  • LED Puck lights: we love using Puck lights as they are more flexible and you can easily take the lights out when you’re finished. You can buy a cheap set of remote controlled LED puck lights, something like this set and pop in the bin as required.
  • LED Strip: It’s also easy to affix an LED strip light around the inside of the Flisat bin which is remote controlled. Make sure to choose a set which can be powered using a USB battery bank (something like this set) this means you don’t have to worry about cables or being close to a power source.
Flisat Table Hacks
Getting creative with our Magnatiles!
Flisat Table Hacks
Having fun with our rainbow blocks

3 | Custom Lids

There are some really awesome custom-designed Flisat lids available which are great for sensory play and learning. Our collection includes shape and color sorting and some colorful rainbow fun. Etsy is one of the best places to find these fantastic Flisat play additions. Our favorites include:

  • Shape sorting: shape sorting is an excellent starter activity for younger kids. We painted this one ourselves but there are similar available on Etsy – check prices now!
Flisat Table Hacks
Flisat Table Hacks
Color sorting

We also love themed inserts, like this small bin bee Trofast insert which we used for our bee sensory bin:

Flisat Table Hacks
Our bee themed Trofast insert

4 | Lego time!

The Flisat makes a great Lego table with a few simple accessories which are a playroom essential for most toddlers! For a full guide on how to convert the Flisat into a Lego table check out our Ikea Lego table hack

You will need a Duplo compatible building plate with a maximum size of 38.1 cm x 25.4cm (15 inches x 10 inches) so it fits on one Flisat table lid. Remember to purchase two building plates if you want to put one on each lid – check prices on Amazon!

We used command strips to attach it to the Flisat table lid and store the Duplo pieces in a Trofast box under the Flisat.

Flisat Table Hacks
Our Ikea Lego table

5 | Use the Flisat as a weaning table

A weaning table is essentially just a table and chairs which are a comfortable height for toddlers to use independently. With two toddlers who eat together frequently during the day we love the concept of a weaning table and the Flisat is a perfect match.

The Flisat is the perfect height for snacking toddlers and allows them the independence to eat at a table rather than in their highchair. It also allows us to get on with other tasks while they eat independently and socialise together at the table!

Flisat table hacks tip: if you plan to use the Flisat table as a weaning table then check out hack 11 for the best chairs to accompany the table.

Flisat Table Hacks
Snack time!

6 | Sink Play

Our kids each have a play sink with taps which run water which they both adore. We pop one into the large Trofast bin on each side of the Flisat table: the sinks fit snugly into the bin so there’s no accidental toppling over. As a result, there’s very little mess and the sinks are at a perfect height for toddler play.

Flisat Table Hacks
Water play is always a hit!

Make sure to put a towel under your little one if you are using this inside so they don’t slip on any spilled water.

Items needed

We also have this Minnie Mouse sink that our little girl loves. The tap has to be held for the water to run so it’s great for the battery and motor but can be a challenge for younger toddlers  – check prices on Amazon!

Flisat Table Hacks
Most play sinks fit snugly in the Trofast bins

7 | Use the Trofast lids for sensory play

The Trofast tray lids are only a few dollars extra and make for a great sensory play tool. Pom poms, paper straws and pipe cleaners can all be pushed through the lid much to the delight of younger kids.

Items needed:

Flisat Table Hacks
Incorporating the Trofast lids into our sensory play

Flisat Table Hacks tip: some sensory play tools such as pom poms are a choking hazard. Always use materials which are suitable for your kids’ age and play level and never leave kids unattended when using any items which may be a choking hazard.

Flisat Table Hacks
We closely monitor this sensory play set up

8 | Chalkboard fun

My kids love working with chalk so I decided to transform one of my Flisat lids into a chalkboard – it just took a couple of coats of Rustoleum chalkboard paint and a quick prime.

Flisat Table Hacks
Using our chalkboard to learn about bugs

To prime the chalkboard rub the side of a piece of chalk over the surface of the chalkboard lid a few times using vertical and horizontal strokes and then wipe off the excess chalk with a dry paper towel. 

Flisat Table Hacks

9 | Latches fun

If you have the Melissa and Doug Wooden Latches Board then pop it on top of one of the sensory trays in the Flisat. Our latches board got a new lease of play life when we did this!

Flisat Table Hacks
A great combination!

Ikea Flisat Table hack tips: We just wanted to mention it as we know lots of you have the latches board and it’s great to get some extra mileage from an old toy! The Melissa and Doug latches board is a fantastic toy which is well loved in our playroom but we wouldn’t buy it specifically to put in the Flisat.

Items needed:

  • Melissa and Doug Wooden Latches Board – the board fits perfectly on the Flisat – buy now on Amazon!
Flisat Table Hacks
The latches board fits snugly in the Flisat

10 | Reduce the height of the Flisay table

Is the Flisat table too tall for your little one? An easy solution is to swap out the legs of the Flisat table with the legs of the matching Flisat stools. This will reduce the height of the table by about 20cm (8 inches) and the stool legs can be easily be switched out for the taller table legs as your little one grows taller.

Flisat table hack tip: The flisat is 48cm, or almost 19 inches tall. The stools are 28 cm (11 inches) tall.

Items needed:

  • Ikea Flisat Stools: the Flisat stool are available in Ikea stores. You can also usually find the stools for sale on Amazon – check prices now!

11 | Use Latt chairs

Ikea have complemented the Flisat table with a matching stool. However, many parents prefer a seat with a back for younger kids. Our solution: switch out our Latt chairs from our Latt children’s table set. They work perfectly with the table!

Flisat Table Hacks
Our Flisat with Latt chairs

Flisat table hacks tip: our kids love standing at the Flisat so you can easily go chair free if you wish. We just happened to have a Latt children’s table in our playroom already and figured the chairs work really well with the Flisat. It also works great when the kids are eating at the table.

Items needed:

Flisat Table Hacks
The Latt chairs are the perfect height for the Flisat

12 | Stand little ones in the middle of the table

My one year old loves standing in the middle of table when she’s using the Trofast bins. It helps her navigate the table and the sensory play set up more easily and she’s less likely to run around with messy materials. Win win for both of us!

Flisat Table Hacks
Our 1 year old loves this setup

Minimize the mess

Sensory play is often messy but we have a few Flisat table hacks that will help minimize the mess!

13 | Tape the corners

If you’ve used sensory fillers such as colored rice or play sand with the Flisat then you have probably have spent a considerable time trying to extract tiny particles of rice or flour from the corners of the table cut outs. We’re speaking from experience here!

We’ve found that sticking duct tape or painters tape in each of the corners prevents small bits getting stuck in the corners – buy now on Amazon!

You’ll also need to stick some between the bins if you are using two small bins on either side.

Ikea Flisat Table hack tips: an old crib sheet placed around the table and bins will also work well for this.

Flisat Table Hacks
Preparing for messy sensory play!

14 | Organize supplies with a pegboard

Ikea also have a really functional Skadis pegboard which complements the Flisat perfectly and keeps all our Flisat table supplies neat and tidy in the playroom.

15 | Take it to the garden!

Sensory play often gets messy! If you have invested in a Flisat for the purposes of sensory play then don’t be afraid to take it to the garden! We often relocate outdoors when the weather permits and use sensory fillers including bird seed and play mud to have some fun in the garden.

Flisat Table Hacks
Flisat sink play in the garden

Ikea Flisat Table tip: we only take our table outdoors for the duration of the sensory play. If you want to leave the Flisat outdoors for longer periods then you will probably need to consider treating the wood to weather seal the table.

Flisat Table Hacks
Taking it to the garden!

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